Will this sector suit me?

VP Social Andrea



“I’m making a difference for future New Zealanders.” 

Andrea, training manager

What qualities will I need?

You’ll need to be able to manage and be responsible for yourself and others. Because the work can be demanding, a level of emotional maturity is required. You’ll be expected to be able to keep cool in a crisis and make quick decisions under pressure. A sense of humour helps as does a good dose of common sense. Because of the physical demands, you’ll do well with a good level of physical fitness. You’ll need to be able to work with and relate to a wide range of people from different cultures and backgrounds. A sense of adventure and courage will serve you in some industries. You’ll need to be comfortable with detail and procedure and happy to document and record what you’re doing so others can follow. You’ll be willing to go the extra mile, will be motivated by personal and not just financial rewards, and willing at times to “live the job”.

What key competencies do employers look for?

Employers will be matching your key competencies to their work place and expect you to be capable of:

Managing self

  • You’ll be expected to be responsible about being on time, have good personal hygiene, and high ethical standards.
  • You’ll have the confidence to make decisions, sometimes under pressure, within the guidelines of the job.

Relating to others

  • You’ll work well as part of a team, be aware of others’ safety, have good listening skills, be caring of others, and be willing to help, sometimes in difficult situations. Empathy and people skills are really important and you need to be able to relate to people from other cultures and backgrounds.
  • You’ll also become more aware of and sensitive to non-verbal communication, reading body language and picking up cues from people who aren’t talking.

Participating and contributing

  • You’ll have the skills to contribute to team development and team meetings outside of your specific job.
  • You’ll be able to put the needs of others before your own. You may go the extra mile by taking on additional volunteering activities, such as membership in St John New Zealand or other service organisations.

Using language, symbols, and text

  • You’ll be able to  communicate well with people from all walks of life. You will also record observations, make notes, complete audit reports, and measure and calculate accurately.


  • When you start you’ll be able to follow instructions and follow basic procedures. As you move on, you’ll be expected to work out how to apply procedures to new and different situations.