Will this sector suit me?


“I started as a packer, moved onto fabrication and now I lead the production team.” 

Paul, Foreman, Food Manufacturing


What qualities will I need?

We’re looking for people who are interested in making things work. You might be skilled with your hands, inquisitive, and able to think outside the box, and be keen to ask questions. At the same time, you’ll have an eye for detail and good ability to concentrate. You may have design skills, technical skills, manual skills, computer skills, science skills, or creative skills, and you’ll be comfortable using science and technology. You’ll enjoy being part of a hard working team and get on well with your work mates, yet able to work on your own. You’ll understand and respect the need for safety.

What key competencies do employers look for?

Employers will be matching your key competencies to their workplace.

Using language, symbols, and texts

  • You’ll need to have readable handwriting and be able to understand and follow written instructions, procedures, simple tables, and graphs.
  • You’ll manage basic measurement tasks and will know how to enter and extract basic information on computers.

Managing self

  • You’ll be reliable.
  • You’ll arrive at work on time and in a fit state to work safely and well.
  • You’ll let the right people know when you can’t be at work or when something has gone wrong.
  • You’ll be willing to listen carefully to instructions and have the confidence to ask questions when you don’t understand.


  • You’ll be able to recognise problems and understand what to do or who to ask to get them solved.

Relating to others

  • You’ll know how to show respect to others, especially more senior and experienced people, and get along with your workmates.

Participating and contributing

  • You’ll work in a team and recognise your part within it.
  • You’ll respect the contribution of others and you will use your skills in the team to create products and solutions to problems.