Will this sector suit me?

VP Creative Hayden



“I get to play all day and come up with ideas. What more fun could I have?” 

Hayden, online games creator


What qualities will I need?

The creative industries will appeal to people:

  • with creative talent and skills who bring a passion to their work and want to apply their ideas to practical projects, and
  • who want to help with the planning, production, and distribution of creative projects.

There are many opportunities to learn on the job whilst also showing initiative. A good dose of common sense will help along with a sense of humour. Adapting your ideas to solve problems creatively across a range of contexts may be your most important asset.

Communication skills are important, and it’s not enough to have just your own ideas. You will need to really listen to others. You will need to master what a brief is so you understand the expectations for your role from clients, customers, directors, or collaborators in any project. You’ll need to be able to develop critical as well as creative thinking skills and have techniques to effectively express and convey concepts, emotions, and stories.

Appreciating the arts of different cultures and traditions is important in this sector and you will be keen to experience many different arts projects, productions, and programmes to learn more about how people tell their stories.

What key competencies do employers look for?

The key competencies you have practised at school and in the community will serve you well in the work place. Employers are looking for people who can demonstrate the following skills.

Using language, symbols, and texts

  • You will need to communicate ideas using words, numbers, notation, codes, images, and movements skilfully. You will also need to know about and use procedures, policies, and business documents effectively.

Managing self

  • You will be expected to have self-respect, presenting yourself well to others. You’ll also be expected to be proactive and resourceful, able to get to where you are meant to be at the right time.
  • You’ll be able to use tools, technologies, and skill sets in your chosen discipline/s effectively and knowledgeably.
  • You’ll manage your money and look after equipment correctly.


  • You can make sense of information, ideas, and experiences, and you’ll ask questions when you need more information.
  • You’ll confidently use your curiosity and imagination to explore new ways of doing things.
  • You’ll think critically about how to solve problems.
  • You’ll learn about how to use an ever increasing range of tools, technologies, and skills.

Relating to others, and participating and contributing

  • You’ll be able to actively listen, making connections with others, and creating opportunities for others.
  • You’ll communicate your ideas effectively in a friendly and professional manner.
  • You’ll work as part of a team, able to accept and respond positively to feedback.
  • You’ll enjoy working constructively to a brief, which describes what the client is wanting to achieve.