About the Construction and Infrastructure sector

Construction and Infrastructure

What’s the work like?

You’ll be part of a well-run team that’s committed to getting the job done safely and well to meet the client’s specifications.

You’ll work indoors and outdoors. Often it’ll be dusty and noisy, but you’ll get to feel the sun on your skin and the wind on your face. The hours may vary. You’ll move around from site to site, working with lots of different tradespeople, contractors, and clients.

You’ll have a variety of different tasks to do no matter what your job is, and you’ll use many different tools and types of machinery. The work is physical and active – you won’t need to join a gym to stay fit. It’s hard work, but there are plenty of laughs and jokes with good mates. 

What’s great about this sector?

It can be exciting and varied – from driving a 30-tonne digger to making something out of nothing. Sometimes what you do changes people’s lives or makes their dreams come true. 

You learn by doing and you have lots of opportunities to hone your skills. There’s always some paperwork to be done, but there’s also an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

You can earn well and aim high if you want to. You can work for yourself or you can work for someone else. Bottom line: if you like to work hard, respect people, do a quality job, and deliver on people’s expectations, you can earn good money.

Why is this sector important?

If you don’t have roads, drainage, a water supply, functioning electricity or a telecommunications network at your gate or on your doorstep, you can’t live or run a business properly in today’s world. There is a massive amount of construction and infrastructure needed in New Zealand over the next five years – from rebuilding Christchurch to constructing new homes – without the right skills the future growth and efficient operating of our country will be reduced. Be part of an industry that is building, maintaining, and repairing New Zealand – from below the ground up.