Secondary to Tertiary Transitions App

Posted on 2017-05-29 by CM

This app focuses on Secondary to Tertiary Transitions and allows users to explore the transition of school leaver cohorts into tertiary education and tertiary completions. The transition information shown is the learner cohorts’ first enrolment in qualification-based tertiary education where the enrolment occurs after they leave school and whether they completed the qualification that they entered into.

Read more about Ngā Kete and how to access the tool here

Examples of what you discover:

  • How many learners are transitioning to tertiary education or not transitioning to tertiary education.

  • Which TEOs school leavers are going to and conversely which schools a TEO draws its learners from.

  • What level of achievement learners left school with, and what was the NZQF level of the qualification they first enrolled in at a TEO.

  • Whether transition rates are changing over time.

  • The time delay between learners leaving school and their enrolling in tertiary education.

  • The highest level of qualification learners have completed in tertiary education.

Below is some information about the tool and how to use it:


Community of Learning and school leaders can apply to access the app through their EPA authoriser and login using their Education Sector Logon (ESL) details.

For further queries e-mail: