Details of fees free tertiary education and training for 2018 announced

Posted on 2017-12-04 by PW

This policy will also benefit those who aren’t school leavers. Adults who have previously studied for less than half full time year of tertiary education or industry training (at level 3 or above) will qualify for fees free tertiary education.

The changes for 2018 are the first step in the Government’s stated intent to provide a full programme of 3 years’ fee free tertiary education and training for New Zealanders by 2024.

This policy is part of the Government’s first 100 days programme which also includes a $50 a week boost to both student allowances and loan entitlements for living costs from 1 January 2018. 

What does this mean for learners involved in Youth Guarantee initiatives?

People who have participated in Youth Guarantee programmes at Levels 1 and 2 will be eligible. However, those who undertake more than half a year of equivalent full-time tertiary education at level 3 or above in these programmes will not be eligible. This is because study at level 3 is already fees-free in these programmes.

Any tertiary education undertaken while enrolled in a school (e.g. through a Trades Academy, Dual Pathways or Secondary-Tertiary Alignment Resource [STAR]) will also not affect a person's eligibility, unless that person is currently enrolled in a school at the start date of the tertiary course or programme.

Students can find out whether they are eligible on the fees-free website.